Optimum and effective solutions

      New designs

      Refit and conversion projects

      Consultancy services

      Ports and terminals

Experts in concept and preliminay design.

RVELASCO offers consultancy services to maritime industry and yachting industry.

From design to commercial operation, RVELASCO has a specialist knowledge in passenger vessels and yachts.


Concept and preliminary design
Exterior styling and interior design
Feasibility studies and turnkey projects
Project Management and on-site supervision

Risk assessment
Safety and fire control plans
Damage and emergency plans
General arrangements plans

Training manuals
Craft operating manuals
Route operational manuals
Maintenance and servicing manuals
Muster list and emergency instructions

Lightweight surveys
Seakeeping analysis
Ship energy efficiency
Production design and engineering
Inclining tests and stability booklets
Retro-fit feasibility studies and projects

CE owner's yacht manual
CE mark (calculations and documentation)

Port concept plans
Feasibility studies
Marine and transport planning
Market and economic assessments

Expert witness
Owners' representative
Ship and boat appraisal
Requirement towing power and selection

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